[SBS Star] Lai Kuanlin Reveals GOT7 JACKSON's Real Personality


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Lai Kuanlin Reveals GOT7 JACKSONs Real Personality
Lai Kuanlin, formerly of disbanded K-pop project boy group Wanna One, revealed the kind of personality boy group GOT7's member JACKSON has.

On March 13, CUBE Entertainment's new unit WOOSEOK X KUANLIN, consisting of boy group PENTAGON's member WOOSEOK and Lai Kuanlin, appeared on MBC Standard FM's radio show 'Idol Radio'.Lai KuanlinDuring the talk, Lai Kuanlin told how him and WOOSEOK became close.

Lai Kuanlin said, "When I joined CUBE Entertainment, some people told me that WOOSEOK and I looked alike. We are both quite shy, and that made us become close. The similarity pulled us closer."

He continued with a laugh, "One day, we had some fried chicken together, and we quickly became close friends after that."Lai KuanlinThen, Lai Kuanlin mentioned his friendship with JACKSON, who produced and featured his solo song 'Hypey' in the unit's album '9801'.

Lai Kuanlin commented, "I met JACKSON for the first time at my first-ever overseas event after making debut as a member of Wanna One. I was feeling quite lost at that time, because everything was new to me. JACKSON took great care of me then."

He went on, "Recently, we worked on 'Hypey' together. I believe JACKSON is a perfectionist. It took about eight hours for us to complete the recording for the song."Lai KuanlinMeanwhile, WOOSEOK X KUANLIN debuted with an album '9801' on March 11.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'idolradiokorea' Twitter, 'official_lai_kuanlin' Instagram)

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