[SBS Star] "I Give Up" Lee Hong Gi's Response to Choi Jong Hoon Controversy


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] "I Give Up" Lee Hong Gis Response to Choi Jong Hoon Controversy
Lee Hong Gi of K-pop boy band FTISLAND left a brief remark to the ongoing controversy surrounding his fellow member Choi Jong Hoon.

On March 14, Lee Hong Gi shared a photo of his pet dog with two hashtags, '#Monggeul (the dog's name)', and '#I give up'.
Lee Hong GiShortly after the post was made, some fans asked about the meaning behind the second hashtag in light of Choi Jong Hoon's ongoing controversy.
Lee Hong GiOne fan wrote in Japanese, "I beg you. Please don't give up on Choi Jong Hoon."

To this, Lee Hong Gi left a simple comment in Korean, "I give up."
Lee Hong Gi, Choi Jong HoonBoth members' names came up as possible participants of a chatroom that includes Jung Joon Young and SEUNGRI, where the participants shared sexual videos that were secretly filmed without consent.

Lee Hong Gi's name was cleared by the further reports, but it was later revealed that Choi Jong Hoon was one of the participants of the chatroom, talking about asking favors to police to cover up his drunk driving incident occurred in 2016.

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