[SBS Star] VIDEO: SEUNGRI "I Apologize to People Who Were Hurt"


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SEUNGRI of K-pop boy group BIGBANG appeared for his second police questioning today over allegations of providing sexual escort services for business investors.

On March 14 at around 2PM KST, SEUNGRI arrived at Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and stood at the photo line.
승리 경찰 출석SEUNGRI said, "I apologize to people who were hurt. Rather than saying anything at this stage, I will earnestly cooperate with the investigation with truthful answers. Thank you."

SEUNGRI is accused of arranging prostitution for potential investors of his business. 

His suspected crimes were unveiled during a police investigation into the club 'Burning Sun', over allegations of assault, sexual violence, drug trafficking, and corruption ties with district police station.
'피의자 신분' 정준영, 승리 경찰 출석 (사진=연합뉴스)Earlier today, singer Jung Joon Young showed up at the same police agency to attend police questioning over suspicions of filming and distributing footage of sexual videos of women without their consent.

SEUNGRI was one of the members of the group chatroom where Jung Joon Young shared and talked about his illegal footage.

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