[SBS Star] Park Bom Tells Why She Thinks DARA Is a Great Friend


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Park Bom Tells Why She Thinks DARA Is a Great Friend
Park Bom, formerly of K-pop girl group 2NE1, mentioned why the group's fellow member DARA is a great friend.

On March 13, Park Bom held a showcase for her new album 'Spring' at Ilchi Art Hall, Seoul.

During the showcase, Park Bom revealed how DARA ended up featuring in her title track 'Spring'.Park BomPark Bom said, "DARA is such an amazing friend. I really wanted her to feature in my song, so I told her that. She didn't even hesitate for a second before agreeing to it."

She continued, "We didn't record the song on the same day though. Hence, there are no fun stories to tell about the things may have happened during the recording."Park BomThen, Park Bom revealed that she received a supportive message from DARA right before the showcase.

Park Bom said with a laugh, "DARA messaged me earlier today. She said, 'You can do it! Kill it all!'"
Park BomThis album is Park Bom's first solo release in eight years after the release of her digital single 'DON'T CRY' in 2011 when she was still a member of 2NE1.

The title track 'Spring' is a groovy pop track that is produced by hit music producer Brave Brothers.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Baik Seung-chul/SBS funE, D Nation, 'newharoobompark' Instagram)

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