[SBS Star] VIDEO: BTS JIMIN Flutters Fans' Hearts with the Cutest Aegyo


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: BTS JIMIN Flutters Fans Hearts with the Cutest Aegyo
K-pop boy group BTS' member JIMIN was caught trying to charm his way out of something that he did not want to do.

Recently, an online post titled, 'A K-pop boy group member who turned down his fan's request in the cutest way possible' resurfaced online.
JIMINIn the post, there were some clips and the pictures of JIMIN which was taken at the group's fan signing event.

On this day, JIMIN met up with many of his fans and had a blast with them while melting their hearts with his numerous charms.
JIMINWhen one fan asked him to wear the headband she brought which had a cute little penguin doll on it, JIMIN first pretended like he was going to try it on.
JIMINBut then, he made his fan burst into laughter by holding it in front of his face instead of wearing it and declined her request in the most adorable way.
JIMINShe asked him if he could wear it just this once but JIMIN just kept making a cute face using the headband he received.
JIMINBut after a few seconds, JIMIN high-fived her, held her hand briefly, and gave her a smile as if he was trying to make up for what he did not do earlier.

After seeing this video of JIMIN, his fans commented, "If that's what refusal looks like, I think I can get rejected every day.", "He's the loveliest person I've ever seen.", "Is that fan alive? She saw his aegyo right in front of her eyes.", and so on.

Meanwhile, BTS is scheduled to unveil the first stage of its upcoming track on NBC's television show 'Saturday Night Live' which will be aired on April 13.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'adelio' YouTube)

(SBS Star)