[SBS Star] Fans Call for Choi Jong Hoon's Departure from FTISLAND


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Fans Call for Choi Jong Hoons Departure from FTISLAND
Fans of K-pop boy band FTISLAND have requested for the leader Choi Jong Hoon to be removed from the band, following his recent controversy.

On March 13, FTISLAND's fan community 'FTISLAND Gallery' posted an official statement demanding Choi's withdrawal from FTISLAND.
Choi Jong HoonThe fans stated, "As a leader, he has disgraced FTISLAND's image and is expected to negatively affect its future activities. We strongly demand Choi Jong Hoon to be removed, not suspended, from the group as of March 13, 2019."

They mentioned the ongoing controversy linked to Choi Jong Hoon―drunk driving, police bribery, filming and sharing of sex videos.
FT 아일랜드 멤버 최종훈On March 13, messages between Choi Jong Hoon, SEUNGRI, Jung Joon Young, and more in a chatroom showed a discussion of a payment made to keep Choi's drunk driving case out of the media.

The group chatroom is the same chatroom where Jung Joon Young shared his secretly filmed sexual videos.
Choi Jong HoonThe statement also criticized FTISLAND's management agency FNC Entertainment for not including any mention of the latest finding of his past wrongdoings.

Currently, FNC Entertainment stated that Choi Jong Hoon will halt all activities for the time being and cooperate with police investigations.

(Credit= FNC Entertainment, FTISLAND Gallery)

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