[SBS Star] VIDEO: Jung Joon Young Attends His First Police Questioning


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K-pop artist Jung Joon Young appeared for police questioning today over allegations of secretly filming and sharing footage of sex videos to fellow celebrity friends.

On March 14 at 10AM KST, Jung Joon Young arrived at Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency with his lawyer.
정준영 경찰 출석 (사진=연합뉴스)He returned to Korea from shooting a variety show in the United States, after the scandal broke of him sharing the footage to his friends, including SEUNGRI of K-pop boy group BIGBANG.

SEUNGRI is also scheduled to undergo his second police questioning later today about the scandal as well as suspected allegation of providing sexual escort services for his business investors.
정준영 승리Both Jung Joon Young and SEUNGRI have expressed their intent to leave the entertainment industry in a gesture of taking responsibility for their wrongdoings.

Their agencies both announced that they were terminating contracts on March 13.

On the same day, National Police Agency Commissioner General Min Gap-ryong vowed to thoroughly investigate the scandal amid the latest finding of a message in the chatroom suggesting the involvement of a police authority.

(Credit= Yonhap News Agency)

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