[SBS Star] Jang Hyunseung's Transformation in the Army Surprises Everyone


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Jang Hyunseungs Transformation in the Army Surprises Everyone
K-pop artist Jang Hyunseung, formerly of boy group BEAST, has garnered a tremendous attention from the public for looking much happier after his military enlistment.

Recently, photos of Jang Hyunseung taken at his army base went viral online.
Jang HyunseungIn the photos, Jang Hyunseung in the military uniform is captured flashing a bright smile and energy with fellow soldiers.
Jang HyunseungIt has been almost a year since his enlistment in July 2018, and not only his fans but also the public have been noticing that his face has gotten much brighter.
Jang HyunseungSince Jang Hyunseung looked somewhat exhausted and not necessarily "happy" in the photos that were taken before his enlistment, his newly-released military photos surely impressed everyone.
Jang HyunseungThey commented, "I personally think Hyunseung's personality is not fit for the entertainment industry. He looks much more comfortable and happy now.", "Even his complexion looks more clear. He really looks like a happy person now.", "My goodness! He's been purified in the army.", "I've never seen this version of Jang Hyunseung before.", and more.Jang Hyunseung(Credit= '89_h' Instagram, Online Community)

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