[SBS Star] Park Bom's Agency Addresses Her Past Drug Scandal Ahead of Comeback


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Park Boms Agency Addresses Her Past Drug Scandal Ahead of Comeback
In light of 2NE1 formerly Park Bom's long-awaited solo comeback, her management agency released an official statement regarding her past drug-related controversy.
Park BomOn March 13, Park Bom's agency D-NATION stated, "Ahead of hosting a showcase for Park Bom's solo release today, we wish to deliver the following statements because we think it is right for us to correct some parts that are far from the truth regarding a series of incidents concerning Park Bom, before she resumes her domestic promotions."

D-NATION continued, "Many still refer to the incident in 2010, where a medication named Adderall delivered to Korea from the United States via international post, she is still being mentioned as a drug smuggler. Since Park Bom has never partaken any illicit drugs, we would like to correct this part."

The agency explained, "Adderall is a prescription medication officially approved by the FDA in the United States. In Korea, however, the medication is still classified as an antipsychotic drug, and distribution of this medication is prohibited. We remain apologetic toward the fact that (Park Bom) have caused controversy resulted from ignorance and not being clearly aware of (the law)."

D-NATION further explained that the majority of FDA-approved medication are labeled as drugs in Korea in a broader sense, and that it does not mean that a person did drugs when taking such medication.
Park BomThe agency continued, "Park Bom was also taking the medication for treatment purposes, and the police wrapped up the investigation without charges after seeing no illegal substance during her urinalysis."

According to the agency, Park Bom is still suffering from an illness known as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), and is constantly receiving treatments and taking authorized medication.

D-NATION concluded the statement, "She is striving to overcome her illness, and wishes to return as a solo artist with courage despite her difficult times. We are being cautious ahead of the new start, but we genuinely hope that you will look warmly upon her."
Park BomMeanwhile, Park Bom is making her solo comeback with a single 'Spring' today at 6PM KST.

(Credit= D-NATION, 'newharoobompark' Instagram)

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