[SBS Star] BTS V Forces SUGA to Say "I Love You" After Confessing His Love First


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BTS V Forces SUGA to Say "I Love You" After Confessing His Love First
V and SUGA of K-pop boy group BTS put a smile on their fans' faces during a live broadcast.

On March 9, SUGA held a live broadcast to celebrate his 26th birthday with his fans.
BTSOn this day, SUGA shared what he has been up to and raised the public's expectation towards the group's next album by revealing the fact that the members are currently recording their new song.

After a few minutes, V barged in SUGA's room, sat on the couch, and pulled SUGA's chair with his feet like an adorable cat who wants to play with his friend.
BTSBut what was even cuter than his cat-like behavior was the conversation V and SUGA had right before V left the room.

When V said, "Happy birthday bro.", SUGA replied, "Yes. Go on. To close the door, you have to push the door really hard."
BTSV added, "Bro, I love you." but SUGA said, "Ah... Yes. Thank you." instead of expressing his love to V like he did.
BTSThen V told him that he will not leave the room until he hears what he wants to hear.
BTSAfter a pause, SUGA finally said those words back but V said, "I'm sorry. What did you say?"
BTSSUGA replied, "I said I love you", then V left the room with a satisfied look on his face.
Meanwhile, BTS announced that the group will release a new album 'MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA' on April 12.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'BTS' V LIVE, 'Ve2jl0tt' Twitter)

(SBS Star)