[SBS Star] TVXQ!'s Encore Concert Ends in Major Success


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] TVXQ!s Encore Concert Ends in Major Success
K-pop boy duo TVXQ! successfully wrapped up both days of the recent concert in Seoul.

On March 9 and 10, TVXQ! held an encore concert 'TVXQ! CONCERT - CIRCLE - #with' at KSPO DOME, Seoul.
TVXQ!Over the course of two days, about 20,000 audience have attended the concert.

When the concert began, they all turned on the official light stick that they brought with them to show their support to TVXQ!.

The stadium filled with waves of red (TVXQ!'s official color) until the end of the concert.TVXQ!In return, U-KNOW Yunho and MAX Changmin did not left out a single thing that they had prepared for fans―powerful performances, incredible singing skills, and entertaining talks.TVXQ!TVXQ!At the concert, TVXQ! performed the duo's hit songs, such as 'Tonight', 'Hug', 'I Believe', 'Rising Sun', 'MIROTIC', 'Keep Your Head Down', and many more.

The two members also hyped fans up with their mesmerizing solo performances.TVXQ!TVXQ!Meanwhile, TVXQ! is scheduled to release the live concert DVD of its concert 'TVXQ! CONCERT - CIRCLE - #welcome' on March 27.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SM Entertainment)

(SBS Star)