[SBS Star] VIDEO: BTS JIMIN & RM Ride a Bicycle Together for the First Time in 3 Years


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: BTS JIMIN & RM Ride a Bicycle Together for the First Time in 3 Years
K-pop boy group BTS' members JIMIN and RM enjoyed riding a bicycle around Han River together.

On March 11, JIMIN and RM both shared pictures and video of them spending some time with each other on the group's social media account.

The photos show the two stars at Han River, a large river that cuts through Seoul, during sunset until the nighttime.JIMIN and RMJIMIN and RMJIMIN and RMIn the video, JIMIN slowly chases RM on his bicycle from meters away, and RM says, "JIMIN, you go first," when JIMIN comes close to him.

Along with the images, they wrote, "It's been so long. For the first time in three years. #JIMIN #RM"
On this day, one lucky fan spotted JIMIN and RM and shared a cute picture of the two from the back.

The fan wrote, "JIMIN and RM were so cute riding a bike right next to each other in the dark! It's a poor quality photo, but it somehow makes them look even cuter!"JIMIN and RMOther fans who saw these images wrote, "Cute! I ship JIMIN and RM's friendship!", "Can't believe it's been three years since they rode a bike together though!", "I should perhaps start riding a bike around Han River. Then, I will bump into them!", and so on.

Meanwhile, BTS has confirmed to make a comeback with a new album on April 12.

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(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community, 'BTS_twt' Twitter)

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