[SBS Star] Jung Hae In Kicks Off Filming His New Movie


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Jung Hae In Kicks Off Filming His New Movie
Korean actor Jung Hae In has kicked off filming his new movie.

On March 12, it was revealed that the production for Jung Hae In's new movie 'Start' (literal title) has begun.

'Start' is based on a popular webtoon of the same name, and it portrays a story of two rebellious teenagers 'Taek-il' (actor Park Jung Min) and 'Sang-pil' (Jung Hae In) slowly learning about the world and growing up.Park Jung Min and Jung Hae InTaek-il does not have any specific plan, but he separately wants to get out of the town that he lives in.

One day, he runs away from home only with 30,000 won (approximately 27 dollars) in his hand and settles down at one Chinese restaurant by chance.

Sang-pil is a character who has been the best friend of Taek-il for years, and gets lost after Taek-il leaves the town.

After that, he gets involved with gang members while chasing after money.Park Jung Min and Jung Hae InMeanwhile, the premiere date for 'Start' has not yet been decided yet.

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