[SBS Star] Everyone Is Finding Choo Sa Rang's Letter to Her Mother in English Adorable


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Everyone Is Finding Choo Sa Rangs Letter to Her Mother in English Adorable
Choo Sa Rang, the daughter of Korean-Japanese MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) fighter Choo Sung Hoon and Japanese model Yano Shiho's cute letter in English was revealed.

On March 11, Yano Shiho shared a photo of a letter from Choo Sa Rang on her social media account.

Along with the photo, Yano Shiho wrote, "A letter filled with love from my daughter. She gave this to me as soon as I got back to Hawaii. There were lots of misspelled words, but I'm surprised that she can write long sentences in English now."

She went on, "I felt so bad being away from my daughter due to work. Her words melted my heart."Choo Sa RangIn the letter, it said, "Hi mom I miste you so much. I houpe you wille came saifle. Did you faind my pokemoun. It is my spicolie thing so can you look at it."

Choo Sa Rang continued to say, "Chuba and Cholo is so much haveing fun. I houp you are haveing a fun. You know that I want to go volcanoes national park pleese."

This cute and loving letter successfully melted the hearts of everyone else as well.
Choo Sa RangLast April, Choo Sa Rang's family moved to Hawaii and Choo Sa Rang is currently enrolled at an elementary school.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'shiho_style' Instagram)

(SBS Star)