[SBS Star] Lee Seung Gi's Adorable Dog Visits His 'VAGABOND' Filming Set


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Lee Seung Gis Adorable Dog Visits His VAGABOND Filming Set
Singer/actor Lee Seung Gi welcomed an unexpected, the most adorable guest to his drama filming set!

On March 10, Lee Seung Gi shared photos of himself and his dog 'Perro' taken at the filming set of his upcoming drama 'VAGABOND'.
Lee Seung GiIn the photo, Lee Seung Gi is in his full costume and makeup for the drama, with several fake cuts and bruises on his face.
Lee Seung GiLooking worried, 'Perro' is affectionately licking Lee Seung Gi's cheek.

For the caption, Lee Seung Gi wrote, "Penager(Perro + Manager)'s second day at work! It's just my makeup. Don't eat it."
Lee Seung GiLee Seung Gi is currently filming SBS' upcoming spy drama 'VAGABOND' alongside singer/actress Suzy.

The drama is expected to premiere in this coming May.

(Credit= 'leeseunggi.official' Instagram)

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