[SBS Star] Ha Sung Woon Reveals Why He Invited JIMIN to His Friend Group


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Ha Sung Woon Reveals Why He Invited JIMIN to His Friend Group
K-pop boy group HOTSHOT's member Ha Sung Woon unveiled how another boy group BTS' member JIMIN got to join his friend group.

On March 6 episode of MBC every1's variety show 'Weekly Idol', Ha Sung Woon made appearance at the show as a guest and explained how he became friends with JIMIN.
Weekly Idol hosts & guestWhilst talking about how Ha Sung Woon is good with people, one of the host Hwang Kwang Hee said, "K-pop group members usually have their friend group. I hang out with BIGBANG's TAEYANG, and 2PM's TAECYEON. Ha Sung Woon's friend group is extremely famous these days."
Weekly Idol hosts & guestThen other host asked, "I heard that you have a friend group called 'Team Friendship Puffer Jacket'."
Weekly Idol hosts & guestHa Sung Woon replied, "Our fans gave us that name. There is this puffer jacket that SHINee's TAEMIN made for all of us, and the members who wear it are included in the group."
Weekly Idol hosts & guestAnother host asked, "Then, did TAEMIN start your little group?"

To this, Ha Sung Woon answered, "No he didn't. It was Kim Timoteo from my first group, HOTSHOT. He was a long-time trainee at SM Entertainment, so he first formed our group with TAEMIN, EXO's KAI, and one non-celebrity friend."
Weekly Idol hosts & guestHa Sung Woon continued, "Then Kim Timoteo brought me, KAI invited VIXX's RAVI, and I asked JIMIN to come. I got to know SUGA thanks to J-HOPE who I have been friends with since I was a trainee and SUGA introduced me to JIMIN."
Weekly Idol hosts & guestHe added, "Then, we clicked so perfectly, so I brought him to our group. Because I always had fun time with him and liked spending time with him. We also have a similar hobby, so I guess that's how we got close."

Meanwhile, Ha Sung Woon is currently focusing on the promotional activity of his first solo album 'My Moment' which was released on February 28.

(Kagn Eunbee, Credit= MBC every1 Weekly Idol, 'gooreumseng' Instagram)

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