[SBS Star] VIDEO: HA:TFELT Dances with HyunA for the First Time in 12 Years!

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: HA:TFELT Dances with HyunA for the First Time in 12 Years!
HA:TFELT and HyunA, the two former members of disbanded K-pop girl group Wonder Girls surprised their fans with a new dance video.

On February 13, HA:TFELT posted a video on her social media account with a caption saying, "I think it's been 12 years since I danced with HyunA."

In the video, HA:TFELT and HyunA were practicing a new choreography which they learned by taking a dance lesson together.
HA:TFELT and HyunAThe first few seconds of the video doubled the public's curiosity towards their performance since with HA:TFELT's hands over HyunA's eyes, their first dance move gave off a quite mysterious and sexy vibe.
HA:TFELT and HyunANo one could believe the fact this was actually their first time to perform together in 12 years since the chemistry between the two was simply jaw-dropping.
HA:TFELT and HyunAAfter seeing the dance video, their fans commented, "I'm so happy to see these two dancing together. Am I dreaming?", "OMG you guys should do a sub-unit.", "I miss seeing you together so much", and many more.
HA:TFELT and HyunAHA:TFELT and HyunA first made their debut back in 2007 as Wonder Girls but after HyunA's departure from the group in 2009, both of them has been pursing their music career in different ways.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Amoeba Culture Entertainment, SBS funE, 'hatfelt' Instagram)

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