[SBS Star] Kim Woo Bin: the Most Caring Guy with Great Manners

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Kim Woo Bin: the Most Caring Guy with Great Manners
It has been almost two years since Korean actor Kim Woo Bin put a hold on his career to treat nasopharynx cancer, but everyone is still talking about him all the time.

Recently, many have been speaking about some wonderful personal qualities that Kim Woo Bin has.

When people become famous, they sometimes shift to being arrogant and rude, but this was not the case for Kim Woo Bin.

Even though Kim Woo Bin became one of the top male celebrities in Korea, he remained modest and polite.Kim Woo BinIn 2017, K-pop boy group 2PM's member JUNHO mentioned what it was like to work with Kim Woo Bin.

He said, "When I was struggling to open my eyes on one sunny day, Kim Woo Bin came and stood in front of me to block the sunlight. He also arranged side dishes for me during meal times. Kim Woo Bin melted my heart every single day while we were filming together.JUNHOIn 2014, actress Hwang Mi-young said, "I was in a film 'Twenty' with Kim Woo Bin. We had a party after the end of filming the very last scene of the film. I went to the party, but I didn't know anyone. Kim Woo Bin came and talked to me when I was feeling awkward in the corner."Kim Woo Bin and Hwang Mi-youngBack in 2016, a fan spotted Kim Woo Bin at a public parking lot and the fan's video of him went viral online for one reason: his well-mannered behavior towards a parking agent.

The video showed Kim Woo Bin paying for parking to a parking agent with both hands, and showing his gratitude by bowing to him as many as three times.Kim Woo BinKim Woo Bin's caring and well-mannered nature seems innate, and is definitely one of his greatest charms.

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