[SBS Star] GOT7's New Unit Is on the Way!

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Published 2019.02.13 17:42 Updated 2019.02.13 21:32 View Count
기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] GOT7s New Unit Is on the Way!
K-pop boy group GOT7 will be returning soon as a form of a unit group.

On February 13, GOT7's management agency JYP Entertainment first shared a video, then an image that indicated a formation of a new unit group.

The video titled 'AND THE STORY BEGINS' was a 19-second long video showing dramatic and mysterious animated images.

It began with an interesting-looking logo that ended up in a word 'Jus2'.

JYP Entertainment left fans hanging for a while, then uploaded a teaser image online that gave a little more detail on 'Jus2' hours later.

Like how most fans guessed, 'Jus2' turned out to be a name for GOT7's new unit group.

With this new update, fans were also able to find out that 'Jus2' will be releasing a mini album 'FOCUS'.

Since the image showed two members of GOT7 from behind, it is certain that there are two members in this unit group.

However, it is still unknown who they are and numerous guesses are being made at the moment.GOT7(Lee Narin, Credit= 'jypentertainment' YouTube, 'GOT7Official' Twitter)

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