[SBS Star] Park Siblings DARA & THUNDER Say They Are Not Close?

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Park Siblings DARA & THUNDER Say They Are Not Close?
K-pop artist DARA and another K-pop artist THUNDER described their relationship during the recent shooting of 'Video Star'.

On February 12 episode of MBC every1's talk show 'Video Star', THUNDER and DARA's interesting relationship was revealed.  

As THUNDER was invited as a guest on this day, DARA playfully commented, "THUNDER is the youngest one of the family, so I have always taken great care of him. But I feel like we are not that close."
Video StarTHUNDER responded, "Well, it's because I feel awkward seeing her all professionally styled and speaking differently to how she speaks at home."

After listening to THUNDER's response, the host Park Na-rae asked DARA, "Did you go and see THUNDER in his waiting room before shooting today?"Video StarTHUNDER laughed and said, "DARA has never come to my waiting room. She used to buy some kimbap (Korean rice roll) and give it to me via her manager in the past as well."

His remark surprised the hosts and other guests, and they kept repeating, "What? Seriously?"
Video StarThen, the host Park So-hyun said to THUNDER, "I heard that you have zero interest in DARA's dating life. Is that right?"

THUNDER said, "Yes, it's true. As DARA said earlier, she practically raised me when I was a kid, since she is six years older than I am."

He continued, "So, I just have this belief that she will do well in anything in life. I have faith in her."
Video StarEven though DARA and THUNDER may look like they do not care for each other from the outside, it very much seems they truly love one another.

Both DARA and THUNDER stepped into the world of K-pop in 2009, and have been actively promoting themselves ever since. 

(Lee Narin, Credit= MBC every1 Video Star) 

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