[SBS Star] JIMIN Spotted Sweetly Taking Care of V While Rushing Through a Competition

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] JIMIN Spotted Sweetly Taking Care of V While Rushing Through a Competition
The kind manners that JIMIN of K-pop boy group BTS had shown to his fellow member V are melting the hearts of fans all around the world.

On January 8 episode of BTS' variety show 'Run BTS! 2019', JIMIN and V teamed up for a cooking competition with other members of BTS.

The three teams―Boxing (JUNGKOOK and JIN), 95s (JIMIN and V), and Rhef (J-HOPE, RM, and SUGA) were given a mission to complete cooking previously-decided Italian dishes in a limited time.

The competition was fierce; all members put all their energy into all process of cooking in order to win.BTSWhat caught the attention of fans was the sweet gestures JIMIN had shown to V during the competition.

While cooking some pasta sauce, JIMIN noticed V looking worried about not being able to finish on time.

After noticing the emotion on V's face, JIMIN immediately said, "It's okay. We can do it. We still have time." and gently gave a massage to V on his neck so that he could relax, even though he probably felt nervous too.BTSNot only that, but JIMIN also grabbed a sliced tomato behind him and fed it to V in the midst of the chaos in the kitchen.

When JIMIN's pasta sauce was done, he did not forget to blow the sauce in the spoon before getting V to try it as well.BTSBTSIn the comment section, fans have been flooding with comments complimenting JIMIN's sweetness.

They wrote, "Awww! That is so sweet of JIMIN!", "What a caring guy. How can anyone possibly not fall in love with him?", "JIMIN is the definition of the word 'gentleman' for sure.", and so on.

Meanwhile, BTS is planned to resume the Japanese leg of its world tour 'LOVE YOURSELF' on January 12.

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