[SBS Star] Kim Woo Bin's Comeback with a Crime Film? Agency Responds


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Kim Woo Bins Comeback with a Crime Film? Agency Responds
Actor Kim Woo Bin's agency has responded to reports of his return with a movie.

According to reports on January 9, industry insiders alleged that Kim Woo Bin is currently preparing to return with a new film by director Choi Dong-hoon, who is known for his crime/action genres.
Kim Woo BinOne insider told media outlets, "It seems like Kim Woo Bin, whose health has recovered significantly, will be able to greet viewers with a new project this year. Kim Woo Bin has received many movie scenarios, and is is currently in talks to join a few of those projects."
Kim Woo BinIn response to the reports, Kim Woo Bin's management agency sidusHQ stated, "His condition has improved a lot, but he has no plans for a return yet."

The agency continued, "As his full recovery is the top priority, Kim Woo Bin is still focusing on recovering his health."
Kim Woo BinKim Woo Bin was forced to call a hiatus from his acting career in May 2017 after being diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer.

Since then, he has been on a break to focus on his radiation therapy, pharmacotherapy and recuperation.

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