[SBS Star] 'Running Man' Films First Episode after Lee Kwang Soo's Dating News!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Running Man Films First Episode after Lee Kwang Soos Dating News!
Will Lee Kwang Soo talk about his girlfriend Lee Sunbin in detail?

On January 7, producer Lee Hwan-jin of SBS' hit variety show 'Running Man' shared a photo on his social media account.
Running ManIn the photo, the entire cast members of 'Running Man' are sitting in a press conference set up looking serious.

The producer wrote, "It's going to be epic this week. Unprecedented press conference. LOL. Those who don't miss out the episode are winners."
Running ManThis filming was the first to take place following the news of one of its cast members Lee Kwang Soo and actress Lee Sunbin dating.

Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sunbin confirmed the news on the last day of 2018.
Running ManIt appears as though the upcoming episode will be related to the press conference where Lee Kwang Soo shares a few words regarding the dating news. 

(Credit= 'hwanjine' Instagram, SBS Running Man)

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