[SBS Star] VIDEO: Lee Hyo-ri Pays a Surprise Visit to IU's Concert!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: Lee Hyo-ri Pays a Surprise Visit to IUs Concert!
K-pop artist Lee Hyo-ri surprised the audience of IU's concert by showing up at her concert with her husband and unveiling the first stage of their track.

On January 5, IU held her 10th debut anniversary concert 'dlwlrma' at Tamna Hall of The International Convention Center Jeju.
IUOn this day, IU entertained her fans with many of her hit songs and mesmerized the audience with her jaw-dropping performances.
IU & Lee Hyo-riIn the midst of her concert, her fans could not help but be taken by surprise because two very special guests appeared on the stage out of the blue.
IU & Lee Hyo-ri & Lee Sang-soonWhen Lee Hyo-ri and her husband Lee Sang-soon showed up on the stage, the entire crowd went wild since the couple and IU showed off an amazing chemistry while filming JTBC's reality show 'Hyo-ri's Homestay' (literal translation) back in 2017.

IU expressed her gratitude and excitement by saying, "I'm so nervous," and such adorable behavior put a smile on Lee Hyo-ri's face.
IU & Lee Hyo-riLee Hyo-ri and IU sang their track 'She is' together which they wrote on the spot while filming their variety show together, and Lee Sang-soon created a beautiful melody for them by playing a guitar.

The lyrics of this track was a letter dedicated to each other since Lee Hyo-ri wrote the first verse thinking of IU, and IU tried to describe Lee Hyo-ri through the second verse of the song.
IU & Lee Hyo-riThe chemistry between these two beautiful artists was so beautiful that the audience had a hard time believing the fact that this was actually the first time for them to perform their track together on stage.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= JTBC Hyo-ri's Homestay, 'supershinstudio' YouTube)

(SBS Star)