[SBS Star] 5 Reasons How We Know Shin Mina Truly Loves Kim Woo Bin


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] 5 Reasons How We Know Shin Mina Truly Loves Kim Woo Bin
Korean actress Shin Mina and actor Kim Woo Bin were recently spotted on a romantic date in Australia.

A great number of people seemed to have been delighted about the news, as it immediately became a popular topic of their conversation.

▶ [SBS Star] Shin Mina ♥ Kim Woo Bin Spotted on a Romantic Date in Australia
Shin Mina and Kim Woo BinShin Mina and Kim Woo Bin first got to know each other when they filmed a commercial together back in February 2015.

They soon developed feelings for one another and began dating that year.

In May 2017, Kim Woo Bin put a temporary stop on his acting career after being diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer.

At that time, rumors went around saying that Shin Mina and Kim Woo Bin had broken up, but their recent pictures told the world that they were still very much in love.Shin Mina and Kim Woo BinEverybody knows that it is not easy to care for someone unwell for an extended period of time; you need love.

Just by looking at this, we can conclude that Shin Mina is deeply in love with Kim Woo Bin.Shin Mina and Kim Woo BinHere are more details that show Shin Mina's great love for Kim Woo Bin:

1. It has been said that Shin Mina visits Kim Woo Bin at the hospital whenever she does not have work.

2. Shin Mina decided to stay with Kim Woo Bin even after when he was diagnosed with cancer, and even has been giving as much support as she could for his speedy recovery.

3. They have been together for almost four years, but Shin Mina's love for Kim Woo Bin appears to remain the same.

4. Shin Mina has never hidden the fact that she is dating Kim Woo Bin even though that may lead to loss of fans and limit the choice for her future projects.

5. Apparently, Shin Mina lives only about 10 minutes away from Kim Woo Bin's place, which makes it easy for them to meet up.

(Lee Narin, Credit= '지오다노코리아' YouTube) 

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