[SBS Star] Sulli Shares the Interesting Method She Used to Meet Her Best Friend


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Sulli Shares the Interesting Method She Used to Meet Her Best Friend
Korean actress Sulli met her best friend in the most interesting way possible.

Recently, Sulli's social media account gained attention from the public after she posted a series of photos from her house party, which some thought was a bit bizarre.
Sulli, MimiSulli, MimiIn the posts, Sulli's one friend seemed to appear more than any other friends of hers.
Sulli, MimiSulli has expressed her affection for this friend multiple times in the past, who goes by the name Mimi.

On one episode of Sulli's online reality show 'Jinri Market' released back in November 2018, Sulli revealed the story behind how the two became best friends.
Sulli, MimiSulli said, "Mimi is a crew of 'Jinri Market'. I ran into Mimi's social media account one day and wanted to befriend her."

She continued, "I used another account to message her asking 'Let's be friends', and that's how we became friends."

Sulli explained that Mimi seemed similar to her and had so many things to admire, even though Mimi is two years younger than Sulli.
Sulli, MimiMimi reminisced about the time when she first received a message from Sulli, "It felt very sincere. I didn't even know who she was at that time, but I felt like it would be great to be her friend. I was surprised when she said she was Sulli."

Meanwhile, Sulli is currently starring in 'Jinri Market' since October 2018 with Mimi.

(Credit= SM C&C Jinri Market, 'jelly_jilli' Instagram)

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