[SBS Star] Cho Jung Seok & Yoon Si Yoon Confirmed to Star in a New Drama Together


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Cho Jung Seok & Yoon Si Yoon Confirmed to Star in a New Drama Together
Korean actors Cho Jung Seok and Yoon Si Yoon confirmed to work together for their next project.

On January 4, a production team of SBS' upcoming drama 'Mung Bean Flowers' (literal translation) announced that Cho Jung Seok and Yoon Si Yoon have both agreed on taking the leading role in the drama.

'Mung Bean Flowers' will be set in 1894 and will tell a story about half brothers going through the Donghak Peasant Revolution―an armed rebellion in Joseon Dynasty led by aggravated peasants and followers of the Donghak religion, a panentheistic religion viewed by many rebels as a political ideology.Cho Jung Seok and Yoon Si YoonCho Jung Seok's character is named 'Baik Yi-kang', the older brother who is the son of a servant of his father's wife.

Due to his background, he does not get respected by his family nor others, which makes him grow up as a cold-hearted person.

Yoon Si Yoon will play a half younger brother of 'Baik Yi-kang' named 'Baik Yi-hyun'.

Born under their father's wife, 'Baik Yi-hyun' is smart, good-looking, sophisticated, and polite, and had the privilege to study in Japan.Cho Jung Seok and Yoon Si YoonMany are excited to check out Cho Jung Seok and Yoon Si Yoon's chemistry as half brothers.

The drama is set to air its first episode in the first half of 2019.

(Lee Narin, Credit= MOA Entertainment/SBS funE, JS COMPANY)

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