[SBS Star] Camila Cabello Says Yes to Red Velvet JOY's Collaboration Offer


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Camila Cabello Says Yes to Red Velvet JOYs Collaboration Offer
'Havana' heroine Camila Cabello expressed her wish to perform together with K-pop girl group Red Velvet's JOY.

Recently, one K-pop fan tweeted Camila Cabello a video of JOY dancing to 'Havana'.

In the very first part of the video, JOY says, "I'd like to collaborate with Camila Cabello, because I really love the song 'Havana'."
The fan wrote, "Hello Camila Cabello, JOY from K-pop group named Red Velvet said that she wants to collaborate with you. Here's a short compilation video of her dancing and singing to 'Havana'. Please give it a view, thank you!"
Camila Cabello, JOYIn response to this fan's message, Camila Cabello left a sweet reply to the fan.

She wrote, "JOY! You are so cute! Next time, we should perform it together."
Camila Cabello tweet
Meanwhile, Red Velvet recently made its comeback with the group's fifth mini album 'RBB'.
Red Velvet(Credit= 'Camila_Cabello' 'joyisthetics' Twitter, SM Entertainment)

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