[SBS Star] Hwang Min Hyun's Sister Asks to Meet EXO D.O. & His Reaction is Hilarious


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Hwang Min Hyuns Sister Asks to Meet EXO D.O. & His Reaction is Hilarious
K-pop boy group Wanna One's member Hwang Min Hyun shared a cute conversation with his older sister.

On December 1 episode of JTBC's 'Knowing Brothers' (literal translation), all eleven members of Wanna One joined as guests.
Knowing BrothersDuring the show, one of the hosts Min Kyung Hoon asked Hwang Min Hyun if he has a sister and how old she is.

Hwang Min Hyun said, "I have one sister, and she is a year older than me."
Knowing BrothersHe continued, "We don't usually keep in touch often, but she recently texted me out of the blue. Then she asked, 'When are you going to introduce me to Do Kyung-soo (boy group EXO's member D.O.)?'"
Knowing BrothersHwang Min Hyun explained, "I think she started fangirling him after watching his recent drama. So I told her, 'Even if I'm close to him, I'm not going to introduce him to you,'" and made everyone at the studio burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, Wanna One made its comeback with the group's first full album '1¹¹=1 (POWER OF DESTINY)' on November 19.

(Credit= SWING Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JTBC Knowing Brothers)

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