[SBS Star] Park Seo Jun & Park Min Young's Reunion with Their Drama Team!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Park Seo Jun & Park Min Youngs Reunion with Their Drama Team!
Actor Park Seo Jun, actress Park Min Young, and other cast members of hit drama 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?' had a year-end reunion.

On December 2, singer/actress Yewon shared a photo of cast members of the drama on her social media account.
What's Wrong with Secretary KimAlong with the photo, Yewon wrote, "It was so nice for all of us, including our director, to get together like this despite everyone's busy schedule!", with hashtags "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim", and "I love you".
What's Wrong with Secretary KimActress Hong Ji Yoon posted more photos and said, "CHANSUNG and Hong Seok were a little late, so they're on the table. Our team is seriously the best. I love you all."

'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?' aired from June to July and was one of the most popular dramas in the year of 2018.
What's Wrong with Secretary KimThe drama depicted a sweet love story between a narcissistic vice president 'Lee Young Jun' (Park Seo Jun) and his secretary 'Kim Mi So' (Park Min Young).

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