[SBS Star] VIDEO: BTS JUNGKOOK Unveils Epic '2018 MMA' Performance Practice Video


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: BTS JUNGKOOK Unveils Epic 2018 MMA Performance Practice Video
If you still can't get over K-pop boy group BTS' jaw-dropping performance at '2018 Melon Music Awards' on December 1, you have to watch this video.

On December 2, JUNGKOOK dropped a short behind-the-scenes clip 'G.C.F 3J @ 2018 MMA Practice' on BTS' official YouTube channel.
BTSIn the video, "3J" of BTS―J-HOPE, JIMIN, and JUNGKOOK practice their individual performances with dancers.
BTSThe practice was for the special performance of 'IDOL' where the three members incorporated traditional Korean dance and music for a breathtaking performance at the awards ceremony.
BTSEach member utilized different stage props as the perfect extension of their body, completely mesmerized the viewers with their beautiful dance moves.

Check out the full video below.

(Credit= 'BANGTANTV' YouTube)

(SBS Star)