[SBS Star] VIDEO: BoA Puts a Smile on Everyone's Face with a Thoughtful Gesture


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: BoA Puts a Smile on Everyones Face with a Thoughtful Gesture
K-pop artist BoA's considerate behavior deeply moved her fans.

Recently, BoA held a fan signing event at Live Plaza of COEX mall, Seoul to celebrate the release of her 9th full album 'WOMAN'.
BoAWhen BoA showed up in stunning purple knit sweater, everyone at the site was amazed by her ageless beauty.

During the event, BoA made an eye contact with every single fan there and greet them kindly.
BoAAlso, BoA made sure that every one of her fans feel welcomed and it seemed like her fans truly appreciated such kind gesture.

But what really moved her fans that day was the following behavior.
BoAWhen she spotted one fan who was sitting in a wheelchair, BoA immediately came down from the stage and went near her fan.
BoAAfter she kneel down on the floor, made eye contact, and gave her autograph, BoA talked with her fan for a while and expressed her affection.
BoAOther fans at the site were so touched by her sweet gesture and try to capture that precious moment with their cell phones.

Meanwhile, BoA is concentrating on the promotional activity of her 9th full album 'WOMAN' released on October 24.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'supershinstudio' YouTube)

(SBS Star)