[SBS Star] Lee Jong Suk & Shin Hae Sun's New Drama Unveils Posters


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Lee Jong Suk & Shin Hae Suns New Drama Unveils Posters
SBS' upcoming drama 'Hymn of Death' (literal translation) has released official posters of its two leads―actor Lee Jong Suk and actress Shin Hae Sun.

'Hymn of Death' is based on a true love story of Joseon Dynasty's first soprano singer 'Yoon Sim-deok' (Shin Hae Sun) and her lover, a genius playwriter 'Kim Woo-jin' (Lee Jong Suk).
Lee Jong Suk, Shin Hae SunThe overall atmosphere of released posters reflect the sincere love and deep emotions of two main characters that will be illustrated throughout the drama.

Both posters are in black and white, and they have the same line that says, "The last song sung at the end of one's life."―indicating the tragic love story of the drama.
Lee Jong Suk, Shin Hae Sun'Hymn of Death' is a special three-part series that is confirmed to be aired on November 27, December 3, and December 4 at 10PM KST.

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