[SBS Star] TAEYANG and His Brother Share a Hug Before Enlistment


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] TAEYANG and His Brother Share a Hug Before Enlistment
K-pop boy group BIGBANG's member TAEYANG gave a big hug to his brother before his military enlistment.

On March 12, which is TAEYANG's enlistment date, his older brother Dong Hyunbae shared photos of the siblings hugging each other.

In the photo, TAEYANG and his older brother hug each other tightly, and appear to look emotional.
TAEYANGIn the caption, Dong Hyunbae wrote, "Dear my beloved younger brother, I hope the best for you. I'll look after the household, so don't worry. Why am I tearing up though? Stay healthy and come back safely. I love you so much."TAEYANGThe pictures and the sweet and sincere message have touched many fans around the world, and made them wipe away their tears. 

In the afternoon of March 12, TAEYANG entered the military training base in Gangwon-do as an active-duty training soldier.

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He will be receiving five weeks of basic military training at the training base before being stationed to a particular military base.

TAEYANG is expected to discharge from the army in December 2019.
TAEYANGCurrently, a fellow member T.O.P serves his alternative military service as a public service worker, and the group's leader G-DRAGON enlisted in the military on February 27.

On March 13, DAESUNG, another member of BIGBANG also joins the army.

BIGBANG's management agency YG Entertainment recently stated that SEUNGRI, the last member to serve the mandatory duty, will be enlisting in the military after the promotion of his upcoming Chinese movie 'Love Only' and solo album, but his enlistment date has not been officially announced yet.

It is expected that BIGBANG's return as five members will take some time.

(Lee Narin, Credit= '___hyunbae____' Instagram, 'BIGBANG' Facebook)  

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