[SBS Star] VIDEO: Suzy Wins Top Excellence Actress at '2017 SBS Drama Awards'


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Korean actress and singer Suzy wins the Top Excellence Actress at '2017 SBS Drama Awards'.

On December 31, the lead characters from SBS 'While You Were Sleeping' Suzy and actor Lee Jong-suk both won the Top Excellence Actress and Actor awards.

After receiving the award, Suzy gave a memorable acceptance speech.

Suzy said, "I wasn't expecting to win a prize, but I want to thank all of you. Before I couldn't endure the weight being on the stage, I was always busy saying conventional phrases. But today I want to actually name each one of those people who I'm thankful of."

Then Suzy started to name staff members and close-acquaintances names, including her management agency JYP Entertainment.

In 2013, Suzy won the Top Actress awards for MBC's mini-series 'Gu Family Book'. But while she was giving an acceptance speech on the stage, she showed anxious, and awkward attitude bringing much criticism from the public.

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