[SBS Star] VIDEO: Hwang Hana Apologizes to the Public After Being Released with Suspended Sentence

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Hwang Hana, singer Park Yu Chun's ex-fiancée, has received her sentence for the illegal use of drugs.

On July 19, Suwon District Court sentenced Hwang Hana to a one year of prison sentence suspended for two years of probation.

In addition, Hwang was also sentenced to 40 hours of protective supervision and 2.2 million won (approximately 1,878 dollars) of fines.

The court stated, “We considered that Hwang Hana is reflecting on herself for the crimes, and that she has no other criminal record.”

Immediately after the court's decision, Hwang Hana was released from detention after 105 days.
[영상] 황하나 선고 공판When Hwang Hana met with the press in front of the court, she said, "I will live while reflecting on my wrongdoings, so that I can separate myself from my past.

I want to thank all those who labored for my sake up until now. I will never commit any more crimes, and live while serving the community. I'm sorry."

Meanwhile, Park Yu Chun was previously given a 10-month prison sentence suspended for two years of probation and fines of 1.4 million won (approximately 1,195 dollars).

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