[SBS Star] Apink Bomi Holds a Fan Signing Event at Her Dad's Store

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Apink Bomi Holds a Fan Signing Event at Her Dads Store
K-pop girl group Apink's member Bomi held a fan signing event at her dad's convenience store to show her support.

On June 29, Bomi made a surprise appearance at one store in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do which her father runs.
BomiOn this day, Bomi showed up at the site wearing a lovely pink dress and gave out autographs at the table which her father prepared beforehand.
BomiBomiEven though it must not have been an easy thing to do, Bomi greeted all her fans with a big smile on her face and even took pictures with one fan who burst into tears after failing to get her autograph.

This was not the first time for Bomi to help her dad out using her influence and popularity since she held a fan signing event at her dad's old store a few years back.
BomiAlso, it seems like Bomi's father was pretty exhilarated after hearing the news that she would meet up with his customers since he put up a sign outside announcing the date and time of her fan signing event way before the event.
BomiThe fans just could feel how much she cares about her dad and family since the attitude Bomi showed that day was truly heartwarming.

After seeing these pictures of Bomi, her fans commented, "Now I understand what filial piety really means.", "Her parents must be so proud.", "From a little shop around the neighborhood to a fancy convenience store. Nice.", and many more.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Online Community, 'Apink_bomichan' 'KNJworldclass' Twitter)

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