[SBS Star] Everybody Goes "Wow" After Seeing IZ*ONE An Yu Jin's Jump


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Everybody Goes "Wow" After Seeing IZ*ONE An Yu Jins Jump
An Yu Jin of K-pop girl group IZ*ONE's impressive jumping ability is in the center of everyone's attention.

Recently, one K-pop fan shared a post consisting of An Yu Jin's pictures on one online community.

They were pictures of An Yu Jin jumping extremely high on stage, in a practice room, and literally anywhere where there were no obstacles around.

What all these pictures had in common was An Yu Jin's happy face; she looked like she was having so much fun.An Yu JinAlong with these pictures, the fan wrote, "Guys, this is how high Yu Jin can jump. Impressive, huh? She takes pride in her jumping ability and always tries to jump as high as she can. I find that really cute."

The fan added, "Just wanted to share a fun fact about Yu Jin with you guys. Hope you thought it was interesting! Have a good day, everyone!"An Yu JinAn Yu JinAfter viewing this post, other K-pop fans left comments like, "Wow, how does she seriously manage to jump that high?", "I can't even jump half as high as her!", "She really takes pride in this? That's just so adorable.", and more.An Yu JinMeanwhile, IZ*ONE's second Japanese single 'Buenos Aires' has been released today.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community, Mnet Produce 48, 'iz-one' Official Website)

(SBS Star)