[SBS Star] SOMI Faces Criticism for Not Performing at Her Debut Showcase


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] SOMI Faces Criticism for Not Performing at Her Debut Showcase
It seems some people are disappointed with K-pop artist SOMI for her lack of preparation.

On June 13, SOMI held her debut showcase at Seogyo-dong, Seoul where dozens of reporters were invited to join.

At the showcase, she posed for photos, played her music video, talked about her debut single 'BIRTHDAY', but did not perform her new song live.

As showcases are generally held to unveil your new performance to the public for the first time, this got a lot of reporters wonder why she left the most important part of the showcase―live performance out.SOMIWhen asked, SOMI explained, "I chose not to perform today, because I felt like I wasn't 100% ready for it. So, I thought I wouldn't be completely happy with myself if I performed here today."

She continued, "We are still working on the choreography. It has changed a lot since we shot the music video and it is still changing. I actually have to go practice the new moves after this showcase. We re-recorded the song recently as well. Everything is just not ready yet. I apologize."SOMIAfter the showcase when the articles came out, lots of comments were left under them.

While there were comments showing support for SOMI, some criticized her for pushing her solo debut when she was not fully prepared.

They said, "You already postponed your debut for months. You should've postponed it further, girl.", "The expectations were high, and she simply didn't want to disappoint anyone, including herself.", "Okay, I understand. However, there are many people out there who work much harder than her, but they never even get a chance to make debut. She doesn't seem desperate and looks like she wants to reach the top without making any effort to get there.", and so on.
SOMIHours after the showcase, SOMI's title track 'BIRTHDAY' was released online.

Despite some criticism, 'BIRTHDAY' managed to enter the 'Top 10' on major music streaming sites in Korea.

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