[SBS Star] B.I Will Be Edited out of 'Law of the Jungle' After Alleged Drug Controversy


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] B.I Will Be Edited out of Law of the Jungle After Alleged Drug Controversy
K-pop boy group iKON's leader B.I will be completely edited out of SBS' television show 'Law of the Jungle'.

Following his alleged drug controversy of purchasing and using illegal drugs, the production team of 'Law of the Jungle' announced today that they will edit out B.I's part of the program.
Law of the Jungle/funEA staff from the production team told media, "It is confirmed that we will edit out B.I as much as possible. Even though other cast members may be affected, we plan to carefully edit his footage."
Law of the Jungle/funEB.I was a part of the second team of the latest season of 'Law of the Jungle', which also consists of K-pop girl group Red Velvet's YERI, actress Lee Yul Eum, actor Song Won Seok, and more.
B.IMeanwhile, B.I announced that he intends to leave his group iKON to reflect on his wrongdoings.

(Credit= Baik Seung-chul/SBS funE, 'shxxbi131' Instagram)

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