[SBS Star] NU'EST MINHYUN & VIXX LEO to Join 'Marie Antoinette' the Musical


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] NUEST MINHYUN & VIXX LEO to Join Marie Antoinette the Musical
K-pop boy group NU'EST's MINHYUN and VIXX's LEO will join cast of an upcoming musical for a same role.

According to reports on June 11, it was confirmed that MINHYUN and LEO have been double cast in the upcoming musical 'Marie Antoinette'.
MINHYUN, LEOMINHYUN and LEO will play the role of Axel von Fersen, a charming, brave Swedish count who feels pure love for Marie Antoinette.

This project will be MINHYUN's debut as a musical actor, while LEO has appeared in many more musicals including 'Elisabeth', 'The Last Kiss', and 'Mata Hari'.
MINHYUN, LEOAnticipation is high for the two taking a same role in one musical, as they both are known for their beautiful singing voice as the vocalists of each group.
MINHYUN, LEOFirst premiered in Korea in 2014, 'Marie Antoinette' is set to return this year from August 24 to November 17 at D-Cube Art Center, Seoul.

(Credit= PLEDIS Entertainment, Jellyfish Entertainment)

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