[SBS Star] BTS RM Reveals How Passionate JIMIN Is When It Comes to Studying English


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BTS RM Reveals How Passionate JIMIN Is When It Comes to Studying English
K-pop boy group BTS' leader RM made his fellow member JIMIN all shy by unveiling how he spent his time on an airplane―studying English.

On June 7, RM held a live broadcast with JIMIN after arriving in Paris, the sixth stop of the group's stadium tour 'LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF'.
JIMIN & RMOn this day, RM shared how he and his fellow members spent their first day in the city and JIMIN revealed why he decided to dye his hair black.
RM & JIMINWhilst going through his cell phone, RM said, "I'm going to hand this over anyway, but do you know what this is JIMIN?"
JIMIN & RMThen JIMIN immediately jumped out of his seat and said, "Please don't do stuff like this. When did you film this?"
JIMIN & RMRM answered, "I only filmed this because it looked cool. You were doing this the whole time. From the moment we took off to the moment we land."
JIMIN & RMHe continued, "JIMIN was, can you see this? JIMIN was studying English when everyone was sleeping. I wasn't planning on filming this but it was so cool."
JIMIN & RMRM added, "We were on that plane for more than eight hours, right? From Brazil to London. It was about 10 hours, and he kept studying English while writing something down on his book. I was touched. For real."
JIMIN & RMTo which JIMIN replied, "I started to study English because I felt bad that he has to do everything on his own. That's why I started but it's pretty much the same."
JIMIN & RMJIMIN continued, "What I'm doing right now is that, I'm watching an animated film. I'm not watching the whole thing. I'm just watching a part of it every day. Like 20 minutes of it and I'm watching it over and over again every day."
JIMIN & RMHe added, "Now, I can hear what they are saying even without the subtitles. But doing this did not make much of a difference. You know what I thought? I even thought, 'Would this really work?'"

Then, RM complimented him on his studying methods and added that he was truly impressed by his attitude.

After seeing this live broadcast, their fans commented, "I love seeing them together. They are like real brothers.", "RM must care about JIMIN a lot. So sweet.", "For 10 straight hours?! Gotta handed to you JIMIN.", and so on.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'BTS' V LIVE)

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