[SBS Star] Jang Jane Publicly Accuses Nam Tae Hyun of Cheating on Her


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Jang Jane Publicly Accuses Nam Tae Hyun of Cheating on Her
K-pop artist Jang Jane publicly accused her boyfriend another artist Nam Tae Hyun of cheating on her.

On June 7, Jang Jane updated her social media with a new post.

The post included a conversation between a woman 'A' and Nam Tae Hyun, and messages Jang Jane received from 'A'.

In the conversation, 'A' told Nam Tae Hyun, "Were you just playing with me? My friend just saw you with Jang Jane at the cinema in Yongsan. You said you broke up with her a month ago."

Nam Tae Hyun replied, "Things are a bit vague between me and Jang Jane. I've been honest with you the whole time. I wasn't with her at that time. Jang Jane and I have been going on and off."Jang Jane and Nam Tae Hyun'A' then sent Jang Jane screenshots of this conversation and explained, "I'm sorry. I've given a lot of thought into it and decided to tell you all about it."

'A' added, "I wouldn't have started anything with him if I had known he was still with you. He told me that you and him broke up a long time ago, but your agency stopped the media reporting the news. It looks like he lied to me though."Jang Jane and Nam Tae HyunIn the caption, Jang Jane wrote, "You confirmed that you and I were in a relationship without even asking me. At that time, we were simply getting to know each other. Why did you tell the media that we were dating if you were going to do this?"

She continued, "No other girls probably made it an issue up until now, but I'm not going to let any other girls go through the same thing. I don't think you'll ever change, but I hope you live your life with at least some conscience from now on." Jang Jane and Nam Tae HyunBack in April, Jang Jane and Nam Tae Hyun confirmed that they recently started dating while shooting tvN's reality show 'Studio Vibes' together.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'jangjane_' 'souththth' Instagram)

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