[SBS Star] Kim Jae Hwan Warmly Welcomes His Fan in a Wheelchair at a Fan Signing Event


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Kim Jae Hwan Warmly Welcomes His Fan in a Wheelchair at a Fan Signing Event
K-pop artist Kim Jae Hwan moved many of his fans with a thoughtful behavior he has shown to his fan who came to his fan signing event in a wheelchair.

On June 2, Kim Jae Hwan held a fan signing event at one hotel located in Seoul before paying a visit to the doctor later that day due to health issues.
Kim Jae HwanOn this day, Kim Jae Hwan tried to pay attention to every single one of his fans and listened carefully to what they have to say while giving autographs to them.

When one fan showed up in a wheelchair, Kim Jae Hwan immediately got up, and went down the stage instead of letting her climb up the stairs in her wheelchair.
Kim Jae HwanThen, he leaned forward to make an eye contact and talk to her on her eye level, and gave her an autograph in that position.

When that fan handed him a gift, Kim Jae Hwan smiled from ear to ear and could not hide his excitement.
Kim Jae HwanKim Jae Hwan bow to her afterwards to express his gratitude and even held her hands briefly before she goes back to her seat.

Upon seeing these pictures, his fans commented, "Kim Jae Hwan, did it hurt? When you fell from heaven.", "My little angel. Hope you get well soon!", "I mean, stories like this make things impossible for me to not love him.", and so on.

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Hwan's management agency Swing Entertainment recently announced that he will be focusing on recovering his health for the time being.

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