[SBS Star] WINNER Talks about YG Entertainment & SEUNGRI's Controversy During Comeback Press Conference


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] WINNER Talks about YG Entertainment & SEUNGRIs Controversy During Comeback Press Conference
YG Entertainment's boy group WINNER talked about its agency and former labelmate SEUNGRI's recent scandal.

On May 16, WINNER held a press conference in light of the release of its new mini album 'WE'.
WINNERSince WINNER has made a comeback amid scandals surrounding its agency YG Entertainment and SEUNGRI, the members were asked about the issue.

YOON said, "While it was a chaotic situation, the issue did not affect us very much as we work on our own album by ourselves. Rather than having some sort of emotional stress, we focused more on working on our music so that we can quickly present our new music to our fans."
WINNERYOON explained that they were not instructed to do anything or were not pressured in particular from the controversy.

He continued, "We did not receive any particular instructions. We were told, 'You just need to go your way and prepare for your fans.' We were able to focus on our work, making a comeback with no pressure."

As the leader of WINNER, YOON answered all the questions regarding the controversy, and expressed his gratitude to the agency's CEO Yang Hyun Suk for his support.

YOON said, "Producer Yang Hyun Suk's reaction was good. He complimented us in that the four tracks we released as new songs were different in style. We have this group chatroom where we share results, and he said today, 'It looks like we're seeing good results thanks to your effort.' We were very grateful."
WINNERMeanwhile, WINNER is set to begin its comeback promotions this week.

You can watch the title track 'AH YEAH' music video below.

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