[SBS Star] Yong Jun Hyung Leaves Highlight Following Recent Controversies


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Yong Jun Hyung Leaves Highlight Following Recent Controversies
Yong Jun Hyung of K-pop boy group Highlight has admitted to his involvement with Jung Joon Young's hidden camera footage scandal, and announced his departure from the group.

On March 14, Highlight's management agency Around US Entertainment stated, "While messaging each other in 1:1 chatroom, Yong Jun Hyung was informed that Jung Joon Young filmed illegal footage. Afterward, Yong Jun Hyung admitted that he watched the footage, and that they have exchanged inappropriate remarks about the footage. We learned of such facts through Yong Jun Hyung's witness questioning."

The agency continued, "After realizing the gravity of the incident, Yong Jun Hyung took part in his questioning diligently, and he is now in a state of self-reflection for his past wrongdoings as well as for the disappointment that he caused many due to his immortality."
Yong Jun HyungThe agency stated, "Yong Jun Hyung is also aware that this situation is not one that can be forgiven, and he feels apologetic toward fans for breaking their trust and repaying their love with disappointment. In order to take responsibility for his actions and prevent further damage to the group's image, Yong Jun Hyung will leave Highlight as of March 14, 2019."
HighlightEarlier this week, Yong Jun Hyung was accused of being one of the recipients of Jung Joon Young's hidden camera footage.

At the time, Around US Entertainment quickly denied his involvement.

Meanwhile, Yong Jun Hyung is set to enlist in the military next month.


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