[SBS Star] Yong Jun Hyung Denies Involvement in Group Chat with Hidden Camera Footage


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Yong Jun Hyung Denies Involvement in Group Chat with Hidden Camera Footage
SBS funE has clarified speculations of K-pop boy group Highlight member Yong Jun Hyung's involvement in the 'Jung Joon Young Scandal', allegedly sharing hidden camera footage in a group chatroom.

On March 11, SBS 8 News revealed the chatroom that includes SEUNGRI, Jung Joon Young, and their group of friends.

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8 News ScreenshotThe news report showed a chatroom participant named 'Singer Yong', which led to speculations from the public that it was Yong Jun Hyung.
8 News ScreenshotFollowing the report, both his agency and Yong Jun Hyung himself denied the allegations stating that the conversation shared in the report was from a 1:1 chatroom in 2016, not from a group chatroom.

To this, SBS funE clarified that the messages released in the report were exchanged in 1:1 chatroom of Jung Joon Young and Yong Jun Hyung.

However, SBS funE reported that the messages were exchanged in December 2016, which was nine months before Jung Joon Young was sued by his ex-girlfriend 'A'.

The female that Jung Joon Young was caught secretly filming without her consent was not 'A', but another female 'B'.
Yong Jun HyungThrough the letter shared on his social media account, Yong Jun Hyung said, "You can think that even my thoughtless answer could be a mistake. I will be more careful about everything I say and do."

Meanwhile, Yong Jun Hyung is scheduled to enlist in the military as an active-duty soldier next month.

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