[SBS Star] Kang Daniel's Legal Representative Clarifies That He Has No Connection to SEUNGRI


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Kang Daniels Legal Representative Clarifies That He Has No Connection to SEUNGRI
Disbanded K-pop boy group Wanna One member Kang Daniel's legal representative has denied his connection to SEUNGRI of K-pop boy group BIGBANG and his alleged scandal.

On March 11 episode of MBC's 'Section TV', Kang Daniel's lawyer Sun Jong-moon shared updates on Kang Daniel's ongoing dispute with his agency LM Entertainment.
Section TVWhen reports regarding the dispute first delivered to the public, rumors arose that SEUNGRI initiated Kang Daniel's decision to leave his current agency after introducing him to an investor from Hong Kong.
Section TVSun Jong-moon first clarified Kang Daniel and SEUNGRI's relationship, saying, "It is not true at all. He has never met up with SEUNGRI privately or have gone to his club 'Burning Sun' before."
Section TVAbout SEUNGRI attending Wanna One concerts, he stated, "From what I understand, there have been about two (Wanna One) concerts, and SEUNGRI merely attended as their (the members') senior artist. It is common for celebrities to attend others' concerts."

He added, "We're currently looking into the rumors. Once we have everything organized, we will take strong legal action or any other necessary measures."
Section TVThe lawyer concluded that it is difficult to reveal any details regarding Kang Daniel's dispute with the agency, but they are doing their best to ensure Kang Daniel to resume his activities in the industry.

(Credit= Baik Seung-chul/SBS funE, MBC Section TV)

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