[SBS Star] Park Min Young & Kim Jae Uck Attend Their Drama's First Read-Through


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Park Min Young & Kim Jae Uck Attend Their Dramas First Read-Through
Korean actress Park Min Young and actor Kim Jae Uck unveiled the behind scenes of their first read-through.

On March 7, the production team of tvN's upcoming drama 'Her Private Life' (literal translation) dropped a few pictures of Park Min Young and Kim Jae Uck at the drama's first read-through.

For their first read-through, all members of the production team including director, screenwriter, and the drama's female and male leads gathered together in one place and went over their script.
Her Private Life castsDuring the read-through, Park Min Young mesmerized everyone at the site by impeccably pulling off the two opposite sides of her character 'Sung Duk-mi'―a competent curator and a hopeless but adorable fan girl.
Her Private Life castsKim Jae Uck also surprised the staff and other cast members by being his character 'Ryan' himself and made their hearts flutter by reading his lines out loud in his attractive deep voice.

The chemistry Park Min Young and Kim Jae Uck showed throughout the practice made everyone hard to believe the fact that this was the first time for them to work together.
Her Private Life castsThe director Hong Jong-chan said, "I wondered what kind of stories we could tell with our topic―fangirling, but this is actually a greater drama than I expected."

He continued, "The fact that you have your favorite, it gives you an energy to go on. I'll think of you guys as my favorite and do my best."

Another staff from the production team said, "Even though it was their first read-through, the actors pulled off their characters so impeccably that I felt like those characters really existed."
Her Private Life castsHer Private Life castsThe staff added, "Especially, Park Min Young and Kim Jae Uck truly brought their characters to life and showed off a better chemistry than we expected. Please look forward to our drama."

'Her Private Life' will cover the love story between 'Sung Duk-mi' and 'Ryan', a talented curator who turns into a cute fan girl at home and her cranky boss.

Meanwhile, the first episode of 'Her Private Life' will be aired on April 10 at 9:30PM KST.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= tvN)

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