[SBS Star] Park Min Young Captivates Japan with Her Fan Meeting

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Park Min Young Captivates Japan with Her Fan Meeting
Korean actress Park Min Young stole the hearts of her fans in Asia with her fan meeting tour.

On January 25, Park Min Young wrapped up her fan meeting 'My Day' in Osaka, Japan―the last location of her fan meeting tour.
Park Min YoungHolding a fan meeting tour for the first time, Park Min Young met up with more than 1,000 fans in Taiwan on January 20, and moved to Japan to spend another quality time with her fans in Osaka.
Park Min YoungThe crowd filled the air with a big cheer when she kicked off her fan meeting with Japanese singer Nakashima Mika's one of the most beloved song 'Yuki No Hana'.

Park Min Young put a smile on her fans' faces by reenacting a few scenes from her hit dramas 'Queen for Seven Days' and 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?' and kept making an effort to interact with them on a better level by learning an Osaka dialect from them.
Park Min YoungThroughout the fan meeting, her fans could probably feel how much she cares about them and loves them since Park Min Young prepared various stages despite her hectic schedule.
Park Min YoungDuring the performance she did with a renowned choreographer May J Lee, Park Min Young demonstrated an utmost professionalism and wowed everyone at the site with her amazing dance moves.

Also, all the fans at the site were deeply moved when she read her heartfelt letter in Japanese.
Park Min YoungAt the end of her fan meeting, Park Min Young gave her season's greetings to her fans that she prepared herself just like she did at the previous fan meeting held in Taiwan.

Park Min Young's season's greetings is currently on sale, and she is planning on donating all the profits from the sales.

Meanwhile, Park Min Young recently confirmed her appearance in tvN's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Her Private Life' (literal translation).

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